April 04, 2022 5 min read

All the Practical Advice You'll Need

Want to buy a new headboard for your bedroom but don't know where to start? That’s alright!

With so many options available in the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the perfect headboard for your unique needs. You want to consider many things before choosing a headboard, such as its material, style, patterns, size, and more. After all, you want to invest in something that’s durable, luxurious, and affordable.

We've got you covered with our guide to choosing the best headboard for your room. Let’s start!

Factors to Consider While Buying a Headboard

Here are some factors to consider while buying a headboard:

Headboard Materials

Let's take a quick look at various headboard materials and their unique features:

  • Wooden headboards are typically the most affordable option, and they come in a variety of styles to match any decor. However, they can be prone to damage if not properly cared for.
  • Metal headboards are a popular choice for a sleek, modern look. They are durable and long-lasting, but they can also be quite expensive.
  • Upholstered fabric headboards are a great option for those who want a comfortable surface to rest their back. They come in various colors and styles and are usually affordable. However, plush headboards can be difficult to clean and may not be as durable as other materials.
  • Leather headboardsare popular for the luxurious look and feel they offer. They are often more expensive than other materials but are durable. Moreover, they can be difficult to clean and care for.

Headboard Mounting Types

There are a few different ways to mount a headboard to your bed frame. Checking the struts, screws, and bolts of a prospect headboard is always smart.

Here are a few ways of mounting stand-alone headboards to beds:

> Free-Standing Headboards

If your bed isn't designed to support headboards or you want something you can easily move, a floor-standing headboard is a way to go. These headboards come in handy if you want to cover a big part of the wall, as they are generally wider than the mounted ones.

> Bed Frame Mounted Headboards

The most popular way is to use screws or bolts to secure the headboard to the frame. This is a sturdy option that helps keep the headboard in place.

> Wall-Mounted Headboards

Wall-mounted headboards are directly attached to the wall by drilling holes into the wall and headboard and securing using french cleat brackets and wall anchors. This is a more decorative option that goes well with almost all bed frames. However, it may not be as sturdy as bed frame mounted headboards.

Headboard Designs to Choose From

There are different headboard styles to choose from, depending on your taste and budget. Some people prefer a simple, understated look while others want something more ornate and luxurious.

Here are a few popular headboard styles:

> Panel Headboards

These headboards are generally made of wood or metal and consist of a large rectangular panel that spans the width of the bed. They can be simple or finely carved to bring along some extra spark. Panel headboards are often made of fabric or suede stretched over a wooden frame and can be very decorative or simple. They're often padded for extra comfort.

> Padded Headboards

These are perhaps the most common type of headboard and usually consist of a wooden frame with thick padding and upholstery. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be pretty simple or stylish, depending on your preferences.

> Plain Headboards

They are simple headboards covered in fabric or leather with no added embellishments. Plain headboards can be quite rustic and match any decor. If you don't want anything flashy, a plain wooden or metal headboard will best suit you.

> Slatted Headboards

These headboards consist of a series of wooden or metal slats, which can be quite decorative. They're often used in modern or minimalist decor styles, thanks to their simple yet charming appearance.

> Sequined and Adorned Headboards

These headboards are often flashy and are covered in sequins, rhinestones, or other decorative details. They're perfect for adding a touch of glamor to your bedroom. A sequined headboard is a right choice if you like shiny and colorful interiors. However, remember to find an eye-catching design that doesn't look too overdone.

How to Choose a Headboard?

Luckily, finding a good headboard isn’t much work. Here are some factors to help you make the right buying decision:

Know What Headboard Size You Need

Many people overlook the bed’s dimensions before ordering a separate headboard. However, you should take proper measurements to ensure that the headboard fits in well and doesn’t look too small.

Start by measuring your bed’s width and the wall space behind it before shortlisting your options. You should also keep in mind the headboard’s size and room’s size

Here’s a headboard size chart to make the process easy for you:


Bed Size & Dimension (inches)

Mattress Dimensions (inches)

Headboard Width (inches)

Recommended Room Size (FT)

Twin or Twin XL

38” x 74”


7 feet x 10 feet


54” x 75”


10 feet x 10 feet


60” x 80”


10 feet x 10 feet


76” x 80”


12 feet x 12 feet

California King

72” x 84”


12 feet x 12 feet


Consider the Mounting it will Support

Next up, see your bed’s mounting anchors for some clarity. If you see pre-drilled holes for screws, get a screw-on headboard. But if the bed’s upper end is plain, a headboard with mounting brackets or slits will do.

Know the Theme You Should Opt For

Get a headboard that goes well with the rest of your furniture or decor items to ensure it adds to the place's beauty. However, this is not a rule; you can pick any headboard if it fits your budget and dimension preferences.

Where to Find the Best Headboard?

Finding an exceptional quality headboard might not be your priority, but the strength it will offer is worth the effort. Whether you’re redoing the entire furniture of your room only needs a headboard, don’t trust just about anyone with your money. It’s better to read reviews, try a few brands’ catalogs, and pick a headboard good in all aspects.

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