May 16, 2022 4 min read

Are you indecisive about which headboard will best fit your needs while adding charm to the beautiful aesthetics of your room? This decision is a bit complicated, and you may feel conflicted, but don’t worry. We are here to help you out.  

There are plenty of headboard options available in the market including original leather, linen, velvet, chenille, suede, and plush.

But wait! We have missed an excellent material!  And that is “Faux Leather.”

What Is Faux Leather?

If you are someone who loves renovating furniture, faux leather is not new for you, isn’t it?

Faux leather is a well-known material in the upholstery industry. It is an artificial or synthetic replacement for leather obtained from animals. Instead of animal skin, it is made using silicone, polyvinyl chloride, and polyurethane. Like original leather, faux leather makes chairs, sofas, and consumer goods.

When used in headboards, this material adds elegance to your room, lasts longer, and is easy on your pockets compared to the materials listed above! It is also very easy to style and adds a chic look that synchronizes well with the interior of your place. 

Millions of people around the globe are using faux leather in upholstering their furniture, especially headboards. Let us see what advantages faux leather offers when we use it on the headboard. 

What Advantages Do We Get With Faux Leather Headboards?

1.   Add Glamour To Every Bedroom

Unlike the real leather headboards that look perfect in big, spacious bedrooms only, faux leather headboards are a good fit for bedrooms of any size. They add charisma to big king-sized beds and make smaller beds stand out from the rest while retaining the classic touch in the ambiance of your room!

As faux leather is available in a variety of colors and textures, you’ll easily find the “best faux leather” that matches well with the interior of your room. You won’t need to revamp your space according to the color and design of your new faux leather headboard.

2.   Durable And Economic

One thing that matters the most while making headboards or any other furniture is the material's durability. Faux leather wins the tests for durability too. You can easily use it in areas with high humidity as it does not swell like real leather.

Faux leather is long-lasting but requires little care. Sharp objects can puncture or tear the surface, or corners get damaged from daily wear and tear, thus destroying the overall appearance.

Price is yet another vital aspect to consider. Faux leather is way more economical than other materials and brings good bargains for its advantages.

3.   Realistic Quality

There is an unrecognizable difference between faux leather and the real one. When placed on the headboard, it gives a realistic look that real leather creates in the interior of the bedroom.

Real or faux leather, you can’t differentiate between the two. Thanks to the highly advanced technology involved in making the faux leather. The faux leather in natural leather colors has imprinted texture and lines 100% similar to the original leather 

However, dyed faux leather in other than natural colors (blue, pink, purple, etc.) may get caught by an experienced eye.

4.   Easy Maintenance

People prefer using leather in headboards as it does not demand high maintenance. Similar to real leather, faux leather is easy to keep and maintain. It does not require you to invest in any dedicated cleaning materials to keep it crisp and new.

You can dust off daily dirt from your faux leather headboard using an old t-shirt or microfiber cloth. For extensive cleaning or to remove a stain, you can wipe it with a damp cloth with or without detergent, followed by a dry cloth. Make sure your damp cloth is not dripping wet as it can damage the surface in the long run.

5.   Easily Molds Into Any Style

Faux leather is soft and flexible but not stretchy as real leather. This quality makes it perfect for molding into any headboard style. Using faux leather, you can add a panel, tufts, or any other style to your wooden or metallic bed.

You get to try on a variety of styles in different colors with faux leather. In addition, the synthetically prepared faux leather is made in lots and in big sizes, so you can easily style it into various forms without any hurdle.

Isn’t it easier to get your favorite design using faux leather?

6.   Simplified Manufacturing Process  

Making real leather from animal skin is a tedious process. It takes 6-8 weeks to achieve the final product before turning it into usable material. When making headboards, you require additional time as per the design’s complexity.

On the other hand, manufacturing faux leather takes 10 days to 3 weeks, depending on the temperature and weather conditions of the industry. The manufacturing process is less tedious as compared to that of original leather. The base of faux leather is made of polyester, so it gets easier to stitch and style it in any design.

7.   Positive Impact On Health And Environment 

Faux leather is a human and environment-friendly product. It is hypo-allergic and odorless. People with hypersensitivities to leather can enjoy the elegance of leather in their headboard without exposing themselves to any health risks.

As polyester makes the first layer of faux leather, industries do not require the killing of innocent animals to obtain their skin to make leather. It also saves harmful chemicals from the original leather industry entering land and water. Hence, influencing the environment positively.

The Final Note

Among many materials used for making headboards, faux leather is one of the most considerable materials. It is highly in demand all around the world because of the advantages it offers.

Faux leather is a look-alike to real leather. You can not differentiate between the two. It adds the same level of comfort to your bed and classic elegance to the bedroom that real leather brings for you.

With that being said, you may ask then, why replace real with faux leather? Faux leather is visually appealing and easy to style, maintain and manufacture. And, above all, it is very economical compared to real leather.

Let us know which leather are you picking for your headboard?