Headboard Sizes at LeJoux


The single bed, perfect for a twin room or child's bedroom, to jazz up the look of the single bed.

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Small Double

The classic double bed, add some excitement to this popular sized bed with a custom headboard.

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Require a bed with a little more room? Tailor a headboard to the size of your bed to add a feeling of luxury to your room.

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A King sized bed to fit the family? Choose a bespoke headboard to fit your luxury bed and add some colour to your room.

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Super King

The Super King sized bed is the ultimate indulgence, so why not step it up a level with a beautiful, luxury headboard?

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All Sizes

Not sure what size you need? Browse our category of headboard sizes to find the perfect fit for your room.

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Custom Size

Not only do we offer a range of standard headboard sizes, we can also supply customised sizes for those who require a more specific headboard size.



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