Headboard Designs at LeJoux

Panelled Headboards

Simple but Effective Headboards

Choose from a range of panelled  looks that will give some texture and symmetry to your bedroom. A simple, but effective design choice to add to your headboard. 

4 Panels

Wide panels, a soft look and the perfect way to add the look of comfort to your room.

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6 Panels

Standard panelling that allows some pattern and texture into the interior look of your bedroom.

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9 Panel

The ultimate look that will add depth and a bit of excitement to the design of your headboard.

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Cubed Headboards

Soft, pillow-like Appearance Headboards

Choose from a range of cubed textures, that allow for a soft, pillow-like appearance and a luxury, decadent feel to the look of your bedroom.


Single cubes, a classic look of soft luxury and gentle patterns.

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New Cube

This look allows for more texture and an added design element to your headboard, that will add pattern and a unique style to your interior.

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Super Cube

That little bit extra… This look combines the ultimate look of luxury, with something a little bit different. If you want your headboard to make a statement, this is the pattern for you.

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Sectioned Headboards

Pared back, minimal look Headboards

Sectioned headboards are a much more subtle way to add some texture to the look of your headboard. If you prefer a more minimal, pared back look, sectioned is the pattern for you.


Single sectioning. This is a simple and elegant design to add a little something to the room.

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Simplicity is key with this elegant design and a little extra touch, with double lines at the sectioning of the headboard.

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Minimal, but luxurious. This is a classy and minimalist look to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

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Specials Headboards

Unique Pattern Headboards

Wanting something different? We have a set of unique designs that will help you to add something a little more unique to the look of your room.


An asymmetrical sectioning to add some drama to your classic headboard. This is a simple, modern approach to a headboard pattern.

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Rectangular pattern, inspired by the cushion effect of the cubing pattern, but with extended lines to give a higher feel to your headboard.

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This diamond pattern adds a touch of glamour to your headboard and is a perfect, luxury, feminine style to add to your room.

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