February 21, 2022 4 min read

Have you finally decided to give your bedroom a renovation uplift? Great!

Then a new headboard must be on your cards to elevate the aesthetics of your room. Although a headboard is an optional part of the bed, its numerous benefits make it an essential item for an elite sleeping experience. But what is the best material for a headboard?

Choosing the right material is important as different types of headboard materials serve distinct purposes. For example, you shouldn’t pick cotton or linen if you’ve kids around as these materials are hard to clean and maintain.

To cater to everyone’s needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best upholstery materials for headboards to help you make an informed decision.

So here they are, the Top Material Types for Headboards.

> Leather Headboard

Do you have kids roaming around the house, making a mess out of everything? Then leather headboards are ideal for you.

There is hardly any material as versatile as leather. This premium stuff ages well and gets more soft and comfortable with time while giving a classic look to your room and freshening up the entire ambiance. Moreover, leather is easy to clean- all you have to do is a damp towel and you’re all set.  It’s also resistant to stains, dirt, punctures, and tears, thanks to its natural properties. This makes it about four times more durable than fiber.

Leather headboards are available in a range of styles, such as panel, tufted, or cube headboards. However, these headboards are available in natural colors only, but the colors don’t fade with time, unlike fabric material. In addition to this, the headboards can be expensive because the material requires a lot of effort in the manufacturing process. But if you have a big budget in hand, investing in these headboards is ideal as the material will last longer.

> Linen Headboard

If you can’t match your room’s color theme with natural colors of leather, then linen should be your first choice as it’s available in a broad color spectrum. Additionally, you will find a huge collection of diverse patterns to complement other furniture in the room.

Linen is a natural, sustainable, and environment-friendly fiber that’s widely used for headboards. It uses natural flax fibers and almost no chemicals in the manufacturing process, making it strong and sturdy just like a flax plant. The material also resists stains better than any other fabric and its anti-static properties make it a natural dust-repellent. Moreover, linen gives a soft and comfy feel.

Although linen gets dirty with regular use, proper cleaning makes it look just NEW. Unlike cotton, this material is initially a little crisp and gradually gets softer with each wash.

Linen headboards are available in soft, texture, and brushed types so you can pick one depending on your unique needs. 

> Chenille Headboards

Is luxury your demand? Look no further as chenille is a highly coveted fabric for upholstery that’s extremely popular among homeowners.

Chenille headboards are ultra-soft and fluffy because of the caterpillar-like placement of threads. You’ll love the silky, soft feel of these fuzzy headboards that provide a modern space for you to relax.

The fabric is not inherently shiny; however, its special design of the threads gives off light in various colors. The colors change depending on the angle of the light on the headboard. Therefore, it will make a unique and gleaming addition to your bedroom.

Though chenille is a durable material, it has a tendency to stretch and shrink. Thus, you must be careful when cleaning it.

> Crush Velvet Headboard

Another headboard material that provides a luxurious finish is the evergreen “velvet”. It has a silky touch and a smooth finish, which not only gives your room a luxurious feel but provides comfortable back support as well.

The sleek look of velvet might make you think of it as a delicate fabric. However, velvet headboards are highly durable, meaning you get both luxury and quality with these headboards. Owing to the pile weave, velvet has a smooth feel which helps you relax after a hectic day. The material maintains its soft texture over the years while giving a majestic sight.

Velvet headboards come in a wide array of colors that can fit any bedroom theme. You can also shop velvet headboards with irregular patterns such as crush velvet, which are affordable but provide the same benefits.

> Suede Headboard

Looking for a royal look for your bedroom? A faux suede headboard can change the dynamics of the room completely. It gives a strikingly superior view and when matched with the rest of the furniture, you will get an ultra-sleek look.

Suede is a type of soft leather taken from the underside of an animal. This is why it's much thinner and lighter than traditional leather. The material is used for making various accessories because it can be molded easily. It also gives a nice drape,  making it a top choice for headboards.

Just like full-grain leather, suede is durable and stands the test of time. Although its thin texture suggests otherwise, you will find it a solid material.

> Plush Headboard

Looking for a sleek, contemporary headboard that offers comfort as well? Plush headboards are an excellent choice for you as they’re super soft to touch and the padded surface offers maximum comfort and relaxation. The modern look of the headboard will uplift the whole look of your room.

Plush headboardscome in both natural and synthetic types. Moreover, the headboards are available in plain, panel, and tufted varieties with both light and dark color options. You can pick the style and color that matches your taste and the room’s texture.

To Wrap It Up

There are many material types for headboards and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Which headboard material type you prefer all depends on your budget, taste, and unique needs. We suggest you go for durable yet visually appealing headboards as they offer quality without compromising on luxury. Invest in the right product once and save yourself from extra costs in the future.

Let us know which material you prefer and why in the comments section!